General Assembly

General Assemblies, held at least once a year, are open to all SUS members for debating and voting on changes to your student society. Students can submit items for the agenda by the deadline outlined in the SUS listserv with the signatures of either 4 councillors or 100 members of the society, with no more than 25% of any one department. Quorum is 100 members.

Memorandum of Agreement

Memorandum of Agreement

General Council

The highest, regularly convening, governing body of the SUS is the General Council, commonly referred to as GC. GC convenes every two weeks and is comprised of the entire SUS Executive committee, the three Science representatives to SSMU, the one Science Senator, and one representative from each of our 19 departments. Meetings are run by the Speaker of Council and follow Robert’s Rules of Order.

The General Council is responsible for adopting the Society’s By-Laws and departmental Constitutions, as well as approving Council generated questions for referenda and General Assemblies.

All approved minutes from GC meetings will be posted below.



A new system of GC document organization was recently implemented, so you can find all related documents from General Council meetings from February 4th, 2015 onwards in the following public Google Drive: