Executive Team


Reem Mandil

Hello, Science and Arts & Sci! I am a fourth-year physics student from Hamilton, Ontario — the waterfall capital of the world! As President this year, I am excited to work with your student leaders in making sure the SUS provides you with ample opportunity, fun, and support. If you want to talk neutrinos, politics, or about the SUS, shoot me an email!

VP Academic

Michael Ogundeji

Hello! I’m Michael from Oakville, Ontario in my fourth year of Pharmacology. As the VP Academic, some of the events that I’ll be planning this year include: Academia Week, Academic Events, and Grad Fair. Please engage yourselves and I really hope to meet you all there. Apart from the SUS Office I can be found practically anywhere on campus and around the Plateau. Feel free to introduce yourself and share other ideas you may have! Looking forward to an exciting year.

VP Internal

Zlata Plotnikova

Hey friends! My name is Zlata and I am a U3 biochemistry student from Kingston, Ontario. I am super pumped to serve you as SUS VP Internal for the 2018 – 2019 academic year! My role in SUS is to organize social events such as Frosh, Science Games, Grad Ball and anything that falls under SIC (Science Internal Committee) so don’t hesitate to come say hi and high five if you ever see me at these events. Looking forward to a great year and getting to know you all!
Peace, love, science.

VP External

Michelle Guo

Hi Science and Arts&Sci friends! My name is Michelle and I’m in my last year in Pharmacology, minoring in Economics. Born in Taiyuan, China, I moved to Victoria, the beautiful British Columbia, for high school, then hailed all the way across Canada to Montreal to attend the Harvard of Canada. For my last year I’ll be working on solidifying and expanding the role of VP External, which currently takes care of sponsorships. Feel free to shoot me an email if you want to talk about movies, music, sponsorships, SUS, or anything else that’s on your mind!

VP Communications

Ianna Folkes

Bonjour/suh to all my beautiful artsci and sci friends!! I’m a 4th year Pharmacology student from beautiful British Columbia and I will be serving as your VP Communications for the year. As VP Comms I’ll be around to help facilitate communication between you and the SUS exec and your departmental execs. I’m here to help you, so please make sure to reach out to me via my email or if you see me on campus! I’ll ALSO be running your weekly listserv, so make sure to stay tuned for lots of great jokes, memes (and relevant SUS messages) in your inbox!!

VP Finance

Dylan Wong

Hey everyone! I’m a second year studying Microbiology and Immunology from London (Ontario) and I’m excited to be serving as your VP Finance for the year. I’m here to make sure your money is well spent and to do fun things like file taxes. I’ll be working in the background for most of the year but if you ever want to talk, send me an email or come into the office. Cheers!

VP Sustainability

Marjan Ghazi

Hey Science and Arts & Science!
I’m a U2 Honours Anatomy & Cell Biology student serving as your VP Sustainability for the year. My job is to promote a more socially and environmentally sustainable SUS. Please feel free to email me or visit me during my office hours to communicate any ideas, thoughts, questions or concerns. Let’s have an awesome year!

Speaker of the Council

Husayn Jamal

Hello everyone! My role with the SUS involves presiding over meetings of General Council and General Assemblies to ensure that meetings are conducted in a manner that allows everyone the opportunity to speak and have their voice heard that is as equitable and inclusive as possible. I am also responsible for handling all matters of impeachment should the matter ever arise. Before coming to McGill, I lived in Waterloo, Ontario and I’m incredibly excited to be able to work with the SUS this year!

Executive Administrator

Thea Lee

Hi everyone! My name is Thea and I am currently a U2 Anatomy and Cell Biology major from Toronto. I am so excited to be your Executive Administrator this year. I’ll be overseeing council documents, room bookings, and maintenance of the SUS office. You can find me (almost always) at Burnside basement or send me an email if you ever want to chat. I can’t wait to meet you all!

Science Reps & Senators

Science Rep to SSMU

Hao Yi Qiu

Hey Science! My name is Haoyi Qiu and I will be one of you Representatives to SSMU this year. I’m a U2 Math & Physiology student from Calgary, Alberta and I’m very excited to be representing your voices this year at the General and Legislative Council meetings. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me via email or during office hours. Looking forward to an amazing year! (:

Science Rep to SSMU

Fair Lyons

Hey science students, my name is Fair and I’m really excited to be one of your Representatives to SSMU this year! I’m from Toronto and am in my fourth year studying physics. My job is to advocate to SSMU on behalf on all science students regarding changes or improvements to student life so I welcome any feedback from you guys. I would love to chat about questions, comments, or concerns about SSMU or SUS, so don’t hesitate to come talk to me during office hours or shoot me an email. I’m also always down to talk about physics and space so hit me up for conversations on black holes or string theory, or if you have any physics jokes to share. I can usually be found in Rutherford solving complicated equations or on Schulich 5th floor pretending to study so if you see me feel free to say hi!

Science Rep to SSMU

Moses Milchberg

Hey everyone! My name is Moses Milchberg and I’m a U2 Biophysics student from Washington, D.C. I’ll be one of your three Science SSMU Rep’s for the 2018-19 school year! I look forward to interacting with everyone throughout the year, listening to your comments and concerns, bringing them forth to the SSMU Legislative Council. Please feel free to shoot me an email or add me on Facebook if you have any questions!

Science Senator

Monique Morin

Hey Science!
I’m a U1 Anatomy and Cell Biology and I will be your Science Senator this year. I’m looking forward to representing you at McGill Senate meetings and on Senate committees. If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas please don’t hesitate to contact me!