The Science Undergraduate Society (SUS) represents all students in the Faculty of Science. With nine executives, one senator, three SSMU Reps, over 200 committee members, and hundreds of volunteers, the SUS is well-equipped to serve the 5000+ B.Sc. and B.A.Sc. students at McGill.

Our mandate is two-fold. The Science Undergraduate Society aims to a) promote the welfare and interests of all its members, and b) provide activities and services to enhance the educational, cultural, environmental and social conditions of its members.

In respect to the first aim, both the Science Undergraduate Society and McGill University pride themselves on preserving student self-governance. As a result, students should have direct input in the creation of events and policies. Consequently, we believe it is important to uphold a tradition of a wide variety of student participation to continue allowing students to voice their opinions and enjoy the best possible university experience.

In respect to the second aim, the SUS provides countless events, activities, and services to enrich the lives of students. Spanning the gamut from Frosh and Science Games to Social Sustainability Week and Academia Week, the SUS has earned recognition and respect as an organization that promotes academic excellence within the context of a fun-filled, socially-active community.

Overall, students and learning are at the heart of all of SUS’s activities and goals. As the second-largest faculty association in one of the world’s most prestigious institutions, the Science Undergraduate Society is committed to inspiring learning, leadership and citizenship. This clarity of purpose generates the strength, desire, and dedication to achieve our aims and fulfill our mandate.


Formerly part of the Arts and Science Undergraduate Society for the better part of the 20th century, the SUS in its current form came into being in the early 1980s. Since then, the Science Undergraduate Society has been the student association for the second largest faculty at McGill.

The SUS was officially recognized in 1994.

Today, the SUS represents over five thousand Bachelor of Science and Arts and Science students. There are 19 different departments spread out all over campus and over two hundred students working within the SUS to plan and run events and services. To date, we have held over one hundred events including eleven Froshes and Graduate and Professional Schools Fairs. We have raised over $100,000 for charity in the last nine years and year after year, we become more environmentally friendly.

We are proud of our achievements and look to build on this legacy by continuing to offer new events and services, to contribute to Montreal community, and to enhance student and life and learning on campus.