September Senate Update

Hellooo Science!

This is Monique, your Science Senator, here with a new little blog to update you all on highlights that occur at each monthly Senate! All of Senate’s supporting documents (ie. agendas, motions) can be found on the Senate Website, or if you’re interested, the McGill community is more than welcome to come in and sit in the meetings as well as watch the webcast recordings!

That being said, here are September’s highlights!

Divestment Vote
A motion was brought forward asking Senate to vote to advise the Board of Governors to divest from companies whose primary business is related to fossil fuels This motion was openly endorsed by SSMU. The motion was contentious for two reasons: is divestment really effective and is it in our jurisdiction to be advising the Board of Governors. The Senate is the governing body that deals with academic policy while the Board of Governors is responsible for financial matters such as investments and funding. Thus, the topic of divestment falls purely under the Board of Governors responsibility. However, the majority of Senate decided that the governing bodies should be able to communicate their stance on issues to each other, in no way is Senate forcing the Board of Governors to do anything, we are simply voicing our opinion. After lively debate and amendments, the approved motion was for Senate to encourage the Board of Governors to consider divestment. I will let you know of any further updates or initiatives!

Annual Report on the Policy on Harassment, Sexual Harassment, and Discrimination Prohibited by Law:
As a forewarning, this report can be very upsetting for many people. However, I think this is pertinent to McGill’s students as it contains statistics on complaints filed and how they are dealt with.

Annual Report of the Committee on Student Services:
This is the annual report from the Committee on Student Services. In this report you will find brief updates on OSD, CaPS, Mental Health services. A new project that the CSS has been collaboratively working on is The Rossy Student Wellness Hub scheduled to open Spring 2019. This will increase the availability of Mental Health services students can access, including more counsellors and more safe spaces. I encourage you all to look into it a bit more as it is exciting to see mental health as a priority!

I understand this update is brief, so if you have any questions for me please email or find me (Monique Morin) on FaceBook!

Best of luck on midterms, talk soon! :)