October and November Updates!

Hello again friends!!

It’s about that time of the year when we all go into hibernation at Schu, so I thought I’d give a quick update to end the semester.

A reminder that all of Senate’s supporting documents (ie. agendas, motions) can be found on the Senate Website, or if you’re interested, the McGill community is more than welcome to come in and sit in the meetings as well as watch the webcast recordings!

Here are some highlights from the past two Senates!

Annual Report of the Committee of Physical Development
Many of the projects and renovations of the McGill campus are spread by word of mouth throughout the students. One of the highlights in this report is Fiat Lux, a plan to redo the Mclennan/Redpath library into a library that doesn’t have two foot windows and concrete walls! If you would like to give the committee feedback on this project you can do so here.

This report also includes brief descriptions on all the renovations and additions on campus including two big projects: RVH and the Powell site.

Divestment Update
Two senators, Chris Buddle (Dean of Students), and Nicholas Dunn (PGSS Rep) have been nominated to participate in CAMSR’s consultation on the recommendation of Divestment by Senate. They are currently taking emails and letters from fellow Senators to ensure the concerns are heard. I will update you when the CAMSR report has been released!

Personal Project of OERs
Arts Senator, Madeline Wilson, and I have been working on furthering the work of integrating Open Educational Resources into courses as an alternative for hard copy textbooks. We do this in hopes of greater financial accessibility for students and promoting sustainability. Currently, we have 4 classes: ECON 208, MATH 140/141, CHEM 110/120, HIST
We are hiring students to find and cross reference open textbooks with the current textbook. Students will be compensated for their work! The job description and details on applying are here.

Please email me if you have any questions or concerns at sciencesenator1@ssmu.ca ! Best of luck with finals and please take care of yourselves through this stressful time! :)