Fall Reading Week and Change the Name!

Hello hello! One more post before we’re silently crying in the Schulich staircase.

I made a separate post for these two initiatives that undoubtedly garner the most interest amongst the student body.

Change the Name Update
Right now the Committee on the Commemoration and Renaming is tasked with recommending guidelines to the University addressing renaming as a whole. SSMU is encouraging students to write letters to this committee to encourage them to specifically recommend the changing of the Redmen name. SUS has submitted a letter to the committee, found here, and we encourage you to do the same if you support this movement. If you would like more information to base your letter around and some guidelines, click here.

Fall Reading Week Survey
The Committee on Fall Reading Week has been working with the University to advocate for a Fall Reading Week. In order to provide solutions to the university they have a created a survey to discern the options students amenable to. Please fill out this survey and make your voice heard!

Email me if you would like more information about either of these initiatives! I am more than happy to answer any questions.