External & Philanthropic Events


GreenWeek is McGill University’s largest environmental campaign to promote environmental awareness, and it is organized by SUSEC, the SUS’s Environment Council. Through a series of activities ranging from plant-potting workshops to local speakers, GreenWeek engages students of all faculties to learn about how they can promote sustainability of the environment.

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ECOuture is a student-run fashion show as part of the Science Undergraduate Society’s “GreenWeek”, looking to increase awareness on eco-friendly alternatives to the fashion industry. Each year, the fashion industry disposes of millions of pounds of toxins into the atmosphere, and our goal through this fashion show is to educate the McGill University community that elegance and class can still be attained by supporting local Montreal designers or wearing recycled/organic fabrics. We hope to break the stereotypes that “eco-friendly” does not correlate to “hippie”, but that organic fabrics can be fashionable yet equally sustainable. We would also like to promote local production in collaborating with Montreal designers, who prove to the audience and models that haute couture fashion does not have to come from over-seas but can be produced locally without producing the excessive waste associated to transport.

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Social SUStainability Week

Social SUStainability (formally known as Charity Fair) is the SUS’s annual major fundraising event with a goal to raise awareness and funds for one small, local charity every year. We hold various events during the week ranging from coffee and barbeques to the poker tournament to our coffee house. In the 2008-2009 academic year, the length of the annual Social SUStainability Week event was increased to an entire week and raised a then-unprecedented $17,000. All the money went to Leucan, a local non-profit organization aiming to enhance the well-being, healing, and recovery of children afflicted with cancer and ensuring support for their families. In the 2009-2010 academic year, the SUS truly went above and beyond by raising $25,000 for La Fondation Sourdine, an organization raising funds to help reintegrate hearing-impaired children into regular educational institutions. Since then we have helped Dr. Clown, La Maison Bleu, Head & Hands, Tyndale St. Georges, and this year, Share the Warmth. This year, Social Sustainability Week will take place from Monday, November 9th to Friday, October 13th.

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