Academic Events

Graduate & Professional Schools Fair

Each year, the SUS invites various graduate and professional schools from around the world to come set up booths for a whole day in order to promote their programs and recruit students. In the past, outstanding schools and programs in attendance have included New York University, Columbia University, Dartmouth University, University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, University of Western Ontario, Queen’s University, and more. The Graduate & Professional Schools Fair is an excellent event for students to find out about what they can study and what they can pursue after graduation.


Academia Week

Academia Week is a perennial week-long series of lectures, workshops, information sessions, and seminars to educate science students about future opportunities available upon graduation. The SUS hopes to not only promote traditional careers in academia and medicine, but also alternative paths in science, interesting research, and people who have used their science degrees to do something unexpected and/or fascinating in their lives.

Career Fair

The SUS Career Fair aims to expose students to career paths available in research, industry and a variety of different fields. Companies and organizations are invited to set up booths for the day to promote internship & post-grad employment opportunities that they offer.

Seminars & Symposiums

In recent years, the academic portfolio has diversified to include seminars, info sessions, and symposiums covering an exponentially greater variety of careers and opportunities. While careers in medicine remain as one focus, both the scope and number of the events under the academic portfolio have achieved new heights. Some previous symposiums have focused on careers in dentistry, optometry, pharmaceutical sciences, and clinical psychology.

Departmental Fair

Departmental fair is an event for freshman students to obtain vital information about their potential major field of study. The date of this event coincides with course selection (and, consequently, declaration of a major for U0 students), so this is the best opportunity for first-years to get guidance and information.

Each departmental student association will have an information booth, where they will be available to answer any questions about their department or program.

Undergraduate Research Info Seminar

Each year, the Science Undergraduate Society (SUS) and the Office for Undergraduate Research in Science (OURS) jointly organize an Undergraduate Research Information Seminar. This event presents strategies to get involved in research, introduce related resources, and features testimonials by professors and students about their own undergraduate research experiences. This event is a great opportunity to learn how to get a “foot in the door” into the world of undergraduate research, so make sure you don’t miss it.

Internships and Field Studies Seminar

Each year, the SUS and McGill’s Field Studies and Internships Office present info on how to get involved with internships, field studies, industrial practicum courses, and more.

The Faculty of Science’s Field Studies & Internships Officer, Martine Dolmière, and students who participated in the most recent Field Study Semester in Africa will be present at this event to talk about their experiences, give you the inside scoop, and answer any questions.

Internships and Field Studies provide the chance to test the waters in a variety of career fields and to gain “real-life” experience all over the world. Did you know that you could study for an entire semester in Africa, Panama, or Barbados, and receive McGill credit? Or that you can be recognized for internships on your transcript? Or even that McGill can help you get internships with Merck Frosst, Ubisoft, Health Canada, and more, and you earn a minimum of $25,000 annually (pro-rated for internships lasting more/less than a year)?