Executive Team



Jasmine Leung

Hi, Science and Arts & Science! My name is Jasmine Leung, and I’m a fourth-year Anatomy & Cell Biology major. I’m very excited to serve as your 2017-18 President, and I look forward to a great year! Thank you.

VP Academic


Ellie Joung

Hi everyone, I’m Ellie and I’m from Toronto (yes the real TO) and in fourth-year Microbiology and Immunology. Some events I’ll be planning include: Academia Week, Academic Events, and Grad Fair so I really hope I’ll be seeing you all there! Other than in the SUS office, I’ll probably be around various plateau cafés, Vinh’s and the Duff building (#MIMMfam). I hope that I’ll get to meet some of you this year and introduce you through the many activities planned by SUS.

VP Internal


Soud Kharusi

Hey Science! As a fourth-year physics student from Oman, I am super excited to see you at events like Frosh, Science Games, Grad Ball and more! Please feel free to email me at anytime about any questions or concerns you may have regarding SUS social events portfolio. Peace, love and float on!

VP External


Michelle Guo

Bonjour à tous! My name is Michelle and I will be your VP External this year! Being a third-year Pharmacology student, I know much more than which meds to take when you need a boost. But honestly, you won’t need meds cuz I’ve got you covered! From Science Career Fair to Equity Forum, from Project Green to Charity month, my team and I will do the best to provide various opportunities for you during the year. Join us at these events; I want to see your beautiful faces there!

VP Communications


Reem Mandil

Hello, Science and Arts & Sci! I’m a U2 physics student from Hamilton, Ontario and as your VP Comms, I’ll be sliding into your inbox every week to make sure you’re aware of the plethora of events and initiatives put on by the SUS. Be sure to check out our committees if you’re looking to get involved in the science community. Hope to meet you guys soon. Cheers!

VP Finance


Susan Ding

Hey Science! I’m a U3 Psychology student with an interest in food, fun and friends. As VP Finance, I manage the finances of the non-profit corporation known as the SUS. Please don’t hesitate to contact me via email or during office hours if you have questions —or if you just want to chat! Have a great year!

Executive Revenue Officer


Anoosh Poorian

Hey Science friends! My name is Anoosh and I’m a U3 Biology and Computer Science student from Jacksonville, Florida. As the ERO, I’m responsible for the sponsorships of the SUS and all the departmental associations. If you have any concerns about current sponsors or suggestions for potential sponsors, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Executive Administrator


Joseph DeCunha

Hi there! My role on the team involves managing the physical space of the SUS (room bookings, SUS office, etc.) and documents related to council meetings. I’m in my fourth and final year of the majors physics program. I hail from the village of Lindsay, Ontario and I’ve been happily living on the west side of Montreal ever since (highly recommend! There are neighbourhoods other than the ghetto and plateau). If you want to talk physics, news, or about the SUS, send me an email!

Science Reps & Senators

Science Rep to SSMU

Yazan Abu Yousef

Hi Everyone! I’m a U3 Math Major Neuro Minor and will be one of your three SUS Representatives to SSMU this year! I’m looking forward to getting to know some of you better and voicing your concerns to SSMU! Feel free to reach out to me if you any concerns whatsoever!

Science Rep to SSMU

Mana Moshkforoush

Mana Moshkforoush

Hey science lovers (or tolerators), I’m a second-year physiology student from North Vancouver, BC, serving as one of your SUS reps to SSMU. I’m very excited to be able to advocate for legislation that will benefit science undergraduate students on your behalf. Please don’t hesitate to contact me and I hope to meet some of you throughout the year :)

Science Rep to SSMU

Marjan Ghazi

Marjan Ghazi

Hey science students! I’m a first-year Anatomy and Cell Biology major and am excited to be one of your SUS Representatives to SSMU. Please do not hesitate to contact me or visit me personally during my office hours. I’m here to listen to all your thoughts and concerns as a science undergraduate student and address them to SSMU. Let’s have a great year!

Science Senator

Salma Youssef

Salma Youssef

Hey science aficionados! I’m a U3 biochemistry student as well as your Science Senator, here to listen and act. My job is to represent you at McGill Senate meetings. Have concerns or ideas? Send them my way! I’ll vouch for you to Senate, Admin, and on committees. Let your voices be heard!