Please download, complete and sign your reimbursement form. Once completed, attach ALL receipts associated with your transactions and ensure you have the signature of the SUS Executive that is responsible for the portfolio you were working with. Please email all documents to, and keep your receipts until your reimbursement is issued to you. You will receive email confirmation when your reimbursement cheque is ready. Thank you!

Tips for getting your reimbursement quickly and hassle-free:

  • Make sure all receipts are included in the email as attachments, not embedded into the body of the email itself.
  • Alternatively, include them in the reimbursement form on additional pages.
  • List all receipts as line items on the form.
  • Double check before submitting your form that the total is correct.
  • No proof of transaction (ex. receipts) = no reimbursement. No exceptions.
  • Separate reimbursement forms (and their associated documentation) by event or committee.
  • Reimbursement requests for purchases made more than 30 days post facto will be rejected.