Looking for ways to get involved with the SUS? Each year, we have numerous opportunities, some of them paid, for students from every corner of the Faculty. Learn how to organize events and gain invaluable experience – all while giving back to the Science community!

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Presidential Portfolio

Chief Returning Officer (CRO)
The Chief Returning Officer (CRO) is in charge of the SUS electoral process. The CRO runs and regulates two elections over the course of the year (FUSS elections in October, and SUS elections in March) and is involved in constitutional affairs relating to elections.

SUS Committee Engaging Science Students (SUSCESS)
The members of the Presidential Affairs Committee assist the President in the endeavours of the portfolio. Members of this committee meet regularly but are also required to work independently on assigned tasks. Some of the tasks on the agenda for 2014-2015 include student space improvements, increased collaboration with faculty, departmental, and student groups on campus, and a range of new events for Science students.

Speaker of Council
The SUS Speaker of Council is responsible for presiding over all meetings of General Council (which will occur on a bi-weekly basis throughout the year) in a fair and impartial manner, enforcing the rules of Council, and presiding over any General Assemblies of the Society. Detailed knowledge of Robert’s Rules of Order is necessary.

Academic Portfolio

Graduate & Professional Schools Fair Committee
Members of this committee are responsible for inviting graduate and professional schools, helping set up booths, and overall aid in organizing the entire event.

Academic Events Committee (AEC)
The Academic Events Committee is responsible for organizing information sessions and other events for internships, GRE, LSAT, research opportunities, and most importantly, alternative science careers (e.g. MPH).

Lecture Recording Committee

Academic Week Committee

Redbooks Committee

Committee on Student Standing 

Leo Yaffe and Principal’s Prize Committee

Internal Portfolio

Orientation Week and Science Frosh Coordinators
Orientation Week and Science Frosh Coordinators are responsible for the logistics, organization, sponsorship, and advertisement of Orientation Week and Science Frosh.

McGill Science Games (MSG) Coordinators
McGill Science Games Coordinators are responsible for the logistics, organization, sponsorship, and advertisement of the McGill Science Games.

Intramural Sports Coordinators
Intramural Sports Coordinators will be responsible for communicating with the various departments and faculties to start an intramural sports league.

Science Event-Planning Committee

Burnside Renovation Committee

Graduation Ball Coordinators
The Red & White Graduation Ball coordinating committee, directed by the SUS VP External and AUS VP Events, is responsible for the organization, logistics, and advertisement of the Red & White Graduation Ball.

External Portfolio

SUS Environment Committee (SUSEC)
The SUS Environment Committee will strive to foster a culture of sustainability within SUS by maintaining purchasing policies that favour environmentally benign and socially responsible products and services and conducting environmental audits of SUS to improve environmental performance.

Social SUStainability Month Committee
The SUS perennially looks to take its annual charity fundraiser to new height! We seek motivated coordinators to take on this important event. The event occurs in October, and time commitment is most intense directly leading up to it.

SUS Equity Committee
The SUS Equity Policy was written during the Winter 2014 semester, and now we are looking for a dedicated team to implement it!

Database Committee
The SUS SOAR Database ( and SUS Volunteer Database ( are fantastic resources for Science students, both during the year and over the summer. During the 2014-2015 academic year, the databases will be revamped in order to better suit student needs.

Science Career Fair Committee
Science Career Fair aims to promote research, internship, and career opportunities for both physical science and biological science students. The Committee will invite employers from the industry (e.g. pharmaceutical and technology companies) and academia to set up booths for a whole day.

Communications Portfolio

Web Manager / Designer
The Web Manager maintains and regularly updates the primary SUS website. Responsibilities also include designing and maintaining all other SUS websites under the Executives’ portfolios.

Graphic Designer
The Graphic Designer’s responsibilities include creating professional-grade visual media to be used for the branding and advertisement of SUS events throughout the year.

Constitutional Affairs Committee (CAC)
Constituted of SUS executives, departmental council members and members of general science community, CAC approves of constitution changes for departmental councils.

Public Relations Committee

Public Relations Committee Directors and Coordinators are in charge of promoting SUS events through announcements, social media and other platforms.

SUS Photography
SUS Photographers take photos at various SUS events(Paid Position)

Finance Portfolio

Finance Committee
Members of the Finance Committee assist the VP Finance in overseeing the general financial matters within SUS. Responsibilities include budgeting, accounting and bookkeeping for SUS and its 18 constituent departments. Other duties include filing taxes, recording minutes of departmental VP Finance meetings, departmental audit and equalization analyses, as well as Special Project Funds review.

Executive Revenue  Officer Portfolio

Sponsorship Committee
Members of the Sponsorship Committee assist the Executive Revenue Officer in procuring large scale and event-specific sponsorship contracts for the SUS.